Saturday, October 24, 2009


Another old one. Not the gentleman, but the photo. Taken on my Ricoh when I first got it. Yes, within the first three films I ran through that camera. My mum and I hit the road and went to the end of the Wirral. These coastal defenses are for abatement of longshore drift, not suppression of invading forces. The River Dee was canalized, and as a result, Parkgate silted up, and became 3 miles inland, and New Brighton lost its beach.

Yes, a wordy start for my photo blog, but what can I say? Well, I can just say thank you to all my visitors, and my followers. I am surprised how quickly the page counter is going. I am surprised to have so many followers, and beyond that, how many are people who found me rather then people I went and canvassed. I take it as a compliment, even a silent follower I take it as a compliment of my abilities.

I promise I will maintain this site. I can't promise I'll find more shooting time, but I will try to scan old slides and negatives to add here.

Again thanks